Marquis Point Basement

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Marquis Point Basement

A new subdivision walk out home with an empty unfinished basement was just looking to host some great friends and create plenty of lasting memories for the clients. Tvyan came together with a plan that proposed a great space for entertainment, family time or just catching the late night game. A large open concept space with a 3 piece bathroom and mini bar kitchen provided the necessary amenities for our clients and their desires. 

Project Details

Client name:
The Bittermans'
Marquis Point
July 2019

The Challenge

Beginning with an unfinished basement makes for a smooth planning process because it eliminates any surprises as everything is clearly in front of you before anyone ever picks up a hammer. However that’s not to say we didn’t have our problems along the way. Incorporating very specific needs into a selected corner to ensure the most open space possible for all sorts of entertainment and games required great understanding of the layout and material finishes to ensure a smooth functional space.

Our Solution

With clear defined timelines, material selections, and precise drawings Tyvan was able to complete the project with an accelerated schedule. Using our 3D diagrams we were able to provide our client with a finished look well before we began construction which eliminated the need for changes along the way and provided our client with the utmost confidence in the product they were receiving from Tyvan.

The Result

A grand man cave with elegant finishes gave our clients ( Husband & Wife ) everything they were hoping for in their basement space. Installing a beautiful feature wall with barn board matched the rustic tin backsplash of the mini bar with elegance not usually found within the confines of a basement. A bright colour selection and large walk out windows provides all the natural light one could hope for while still having the control of dimmable lights for those quit evenings.