Inglewood Bathroom

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Inglewood Bathroom

A home built in the early 1920s that had been in the family for generations was in desperate need of an upgrade to the only bathroom in the house. Tyvan completely gutted the room to the studs to allow for a complete layout overhaul. However we didn’t need to relocate the toilet but we were able to include new storage cabinets with a gorgeous walk in shower. Being an old house on a retirement budget there were certain things omitted like completely removing an old decaying window in the shower wall. However we installed a new frosted window to bring in natural light and increasing ventilation in a poorly designed house.

Project Details

Client name:
The Lehmanns'
February 2017

The Challenge

 Considering the fact that an aging couple with declining mobility was occupying the home it was paramount that a safe and functional bathroom be the only course of action. Another factor was the tight budget involved which meant a curb has to be installed to save the cost of dropping the floor and altering the structural framing saved a large portion of the clients money. 

Our Solution

With strategic planning of materials and usability we were able to create a beautiful space with fully functional handrails, safety bars and a folding shower bench to ensure the users a safe space to go about their daily routines. Ensuring the entrance to the shower did not impede the flow of the user was considered when building the curb and door mechanisms. This allowed a straight shot from the bathroom entrance into the shower with corresponding handrails placed at exact weight transfer locations to lessen the impact of the curb.

The Result

A dated bathroom with failing usability was reborn with maximized storage and safety throughout the space. This created a warm comforting area where the family could continue to love the home they have lived for decades.